Intermittent Fasting Plan – Customized For You

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It would be extremely difficult to give an intermittent faintermittent fasting plansting plan customized for you to follow because everyone has their own different needs and schedules. However, here are a few tips that you should follow when planning out your program.

Know Your Intermittent Fasting Plan Goals

If you are adopting the intermittent fasting plan to lose weight, you should know your calorie numbers. You should know how many calories to eat for you to be at a caloric deficit of about 500 calories daily.

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If you are happy with your weight, then you can carry on eating whatever you’re eating at the moment. It would be a good idea to check if your diet is healthy. All you need to do is fit all your meals within your eating window.

If you’re trying to build your body, you will have to be at a caloric surplus. So, you will need to consume all your calories within your eating window. This may actually be difficult if you’re consuming a lot of calories. However, you will be less likely to gain fat.

The video below provides 5 excellent tips on how to implement an intermittent fasting plan for weight loss, or to build muscle. Be sure to watch the video now.

Know Your Schedule For A Successful Intermittent Fasting Plan

An intermittent fasting plan is generally not focused on the foods you eat. It is focused on the timing. Your eating times and cut-off times are the cornerstones of intermittent fasting. You must comply with them for IF to be beneficial.

Many people who embark on IF usually find that their lives are controlled by their eating windows and fasting windows. They need to constantly check the timing and plan things out.

All these inconveniences can be avoided with proper planning.

Look at your schedule and preferences.

– What time do you wake up?

– What time is your lunch break at work?

– Do you prefer eating upon waking or would you rather go to sleep on a full stomach?

It is vital that you know your schedule and preferences. If you like going to bed with a full stomach, you’ll probably have to schedule your eating window to start 6 hours after waking.

What if you’re at work and get hungry? Will you be able to take a break to eat your first meal when your eating window opens?

All these are considerations you must bear in mind when planning your fasting.

How many meals will you eat?

Some people may prefer to eat throughout the eating window with several small meals. Other may opt for 1 or 2 big meals. Either way, it doesn’t really matter… but you need to know which you prefer and plan it out.

When are you working out?

It is ideal that you embark on a regular exercise program. However, you need to know what time you will be training. Will you train on an empty stomach?

It’s important to eat after a workout so that you body gets the fuel it needs and this will also boost your metabolic rate. So, plan your eating window in a manner where you’re able to eat after you train.

Once you review all your preferences you will be ready design your own customized intermittent fasting plan.

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