Increase Your Lifespan – Japanese Diet Secrets

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increase your lifespan

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Increase Your Lifespan – Japanese Diet Secrets

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Researchers have concluded that individual Japanese people live longer than everyone else in the world. This has a lot to do with the way that they eat. Following a Japanese diet can increase your lifespan, just as it does for the Japanese people.

Not Your Typical Diet

The video below offers some amazing insights into the reasons why the Japanese diet is so healthy that it can actually increase your lifespan.

When people hear the word “diet” they assume it is some sort of deprivation diet, one that always leaves them hungry. A Japanese diet is not that type of diet: it is a method of eating that is totally foreign to the American people.

Americans always seem to be in a great hurry to get somewhere. Breakfast becomes a meal to be skipped completely, or picked up at a fast food restaurant on the way to work. In contrast, the Japanese consider eating to be an enjoyable ritual. Each meal is carefully planned and executed.

While Americans are known for piling a ton of food on a large plate, the Japanese enjoy a variety of foods on a small plate.

Japanese meals are always a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Food is served on small dishes placed down the center of the table. People help themselves to small portions of this smorgasbord of food.

Unusual Meals Will Increase Your Lifespan

Most Americans would not think of eating soup for breakfast. In Japan, soup, loaded with vegetables, is a very common breakfast food. A hearty bowl of soup is a fantastic way to start off the day!

The benefits of eating vegetable based soup for breakfast (or any time) is that vegetables are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that slow the aging process. The Japaneses people often use bamboo shoots and a root vegetable called burdock in their soup.

Most Americans don’t eat either, but both can be found in Asian markets around the country. Fresh vegetables are always used in cooking. It is not unusual in Japan to have turnips, green beans, carrots, edamame, red peppers, and green peppers in one pot of soup.

Methods Of Cooking

The Japanese people use very little oil in their cooking. A tablespoon of canola oil is all one needs to quickly cook stir fried meals. Always health conscious, Japanese people use healthy oils like olive oil or canola oil.

Soups and vegetables are always cooked in a seasoned broth. This method of cooking infuses the foods with the flavor of the broth, making it unnecessary to add other seasonings or sauces. Americans tend to eat a lot of boiled vegetables covered with a fat-filled cream sauce. This method of cooking leaves the vegetables tasting like the sauce instead of vegetables.

Feel Full, Eat Less

Limiting the amount of fats, and choosing foods that are high in fiber, is the best way to eat less and feel full while doing so. Incorporating the Japanese diet into your life can increase your lifespan. The Japanese people tend to live seven years longer than Americans.


A simple diet, filled with a variety of vegetables, is what the Japanese diet and lifestyle is all about. Vegetables are a low calorie food that can be eaten throughout the day. Adopting this simple style of eating can increase your lifespan, it can literally add years to your life.

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